The doors are open NOW for the Mindset Reset 4-week live programme…..

I’m guessing if you’ve found your way to this page that you’re feeling pretty frustrated. You often find yourself mindlessly over eating and giving in to cravings but you feel powerless to stop it. I know because I’ve been there too.

We all know WHAT and HOW we should be eating but we never explore WHY we’re eating and this is the missing piece of the puzzle which will be revolutionary for your relationship with food. The tools and techniques that I will teach you are backed by science and are designed to rewire your brain and build new habits that will give you long term success if you are determined and fully commit to making the changes.

I know that you’re feeling stuck at the moment. You’ve tried every eating plan going and along the way you’ve lost touch with your body and you’re no longer tuned in to your Inner Wisdom. But, I also know that it’s entirely possible to change this for good and now is your chance.

This is a live programme which means that I will be with you every step of the way to guide you, support you and keep you accountable. I’ll help you to move past the habits and the behaviours that are keeping you stuck and we’ll go on a journey from binging, eating your emotions and being food obsessed to giving you freedom around food, shifting your mindset, kicking that diet mentality into touch and giving you permanent results.

This is your chance to finally say YES to living your best life!

This programme is for women who truly want make changes and are willing to show up and do the work. It’s an intensive 4-weeks designed to give you all the tools to make big changes which will affect all areas of your life.

Firstly, we’ll get clarity on where you are now and what your emotional eating has been trying to tell you and we’ll get to the root and uncover the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back. Once we’ve navigated through that, then we’ll tap back in to your inner wisdom where you’ll learn how to eat intuitively and recognise you body’s natural cues.

You will learn how your emotions have been holding you back and how to let go of them and then how accepting your body and learning to love it can propel you forwards towards success.

I’ll arm you with the best tools to ensure you’re prepared after the programme to continue on your journey and during the programme you’ll experience how powerful it is to have the accountability to implement all the steps and find your food freedom.

It’s time to take action. It’s time to honor yourself and make the commitment to change and now is your chance with the opportunity to be a founding member of the Mindset Reset programme.

What will you get?

  • 1x weekly live group call

  • 3-4 weekly videos/audios/meditations/activities

  • Exclusive Facebook community of women all on the same journey

Plus as a BONUS Hypnotherapist Sally Garozzo will be leading a live group Rapid Transformational Therapy session within week 4 of the programme!! RTT is an absolute game-changer for blasting through the blocks in your unconscious mind and this is an amazing opportunity to try it first hand.

I truly hope that you decide to join me to find your true freedom from food.

Much love

Heather x

PS The Early Bird price of £99 will not be available for long as I want to keep the group small and intimate

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